Archive for April 2017

Travis Turner, host of "As The Story Grows," and former drummer for "Crutch" joins us for an off topic onslaught featuring some actual conversation ab...View Details

Doomhammer in space! More of that please! Our hosts blast off on a solar journey with Hopesfall. From Frailty of Words, to Magnetic North, and never f...View Details

Brandon Kellum joins Dan and Joe for episode 10 of Discography Discussion.  Tonight, we're talking about Solid State, and Tooth & Nail Records.  L...View Details

If you thought anything could keep Dan at bay for long, you were mistaken. Dan flies in kamikaze to let everyone know exactly what he thinks about Ato...View Details

The Doomhammer returns for a Discography Discussion double feature showcasing a band that only made one album, and a brand new band as we attempt to s...View Details

Here it is.  Our prologue to the month of April.  Dan takes a trip, finds a record store, and calls Joe to tell him all about it.  We even take some t...View Details

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