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Dan talks about Cassettes for 13 minutes and apologizes for being drunk on the Dream Theater episode #discussmetal #dandrives   Join our Patreon: Disc...View Details

The time has come for Kyuss to be discussed. Only one podcast could bring this desert rock thunder to your ears, and Trey Suiter from Rifft is backing...View Details

Coming in hot from their appearance on the Drunken Lullabies Podcast, Dan and Geoff summon Jon Drake from The Nerf Herder Council and Talk Toomey Podc...View Details

Dan gives some insight as to what the next few "Discography Discussion" episodes will be, as well as his preparation process for each podcast.  He the...View Details

Atomship is back, and we’re talking to with Chad Kent.   Okay, now that you’ve recovered from that statement as much as we have… He tells us all about...View Details

Introducing “Dan Drives.”  Dan just can’t stop talking.  We told him to keep it to himself.  Instead, he started recording it and made a mini podcast ...View Details

It’s time for Rock 101, and the presentation of Sir Schwab has begun.  Our guest this week, Andrew Schwab, has brought ‘The Mars Volta’ to the table. ...View Details

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