Archive for December 2018

Erik Hall from Ane Croft joins us to analyze the legacy of the monumental band Nine Inch Nails. Promises were made that we were going to cover Nine In...View Details

Bands are legendary when they are consistently groundbreaking, or they have been around so long to become an institution. Ministry is a unique case in...View Details

There is a war between man and machine, at least there will be one in the future. Burton C. Bell, and his various Fear Factory bandmates, have dedicat...View Details

Mindless Self Indulgence left Dan in a state of horror and confusion. Luckily for everyone else, Matt Naas of the Roach Koach podcast stepped in to gu...View Details

It seemed like industrial was everywhere in the 90s and early 2000s. Hundreds of bands were flooding the market, and trying to put their own stamp on ...View Details

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