Archive for January 2020

Can too much of a good thing end up being a bad thing? For decades, Children of Bodom has been continuously honing their craft and putting out albums ...View Details

On this episode of Discuss Metal Dan sits down with Eric Mattson, drummer of Good Luck, Ugly! and Makeshift3. We discuss what got Eric into punk rock,...View Details

On a recent episode of Discography Discussion we referred to everyone’s favorite lyrics by The Chariot, “the devil is in Atlanta.” Häxan, a film by Be...View Details

Before we ever decided to cover them on the show, The Chariot has always been a legendary band. On this episode of Discography Discussion, Dan, Joe, a...View Details

Showbread was a band that you either “got” or you didn’t. No matter which side of the fence you are on, you have to admit that they were unique in a s...View Details

We’ve teased it for long enough and we figured the best way to kick off the year is to talk about the metalcore titans Every Time I Die. Joining us fo...View Details

Welcome to Movie Mosh! Dan, Joe, and Mike sit down to watch one of the most metal animated films of all time, Ralph Bakshi’s The Lord Of The Rings. ...View Details

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