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On this episode of Discography Discussion Dan and Joe dig into the demented minds of The Red Chord.  Prepare yourself for discussions about groovy gri...View Details

Dan returns to the podcast this week, and the only way to welcome him back was to get down and dirty with some metalcore.  On this episode of Discogra...View Details

As Blood Runs Black was a band here to make a ruckus and that is exactly what they did over the course of 3 albums.  Was As Blood Runs Black one of th...View Details

Silent Planet is one of the most celebrated bands in metalcore.  However, if somebody really listens to Silent Planet, they will be surprised at how m...View Details

Mason Beard of Symphony of Heaven joins Dan tonight to talk about how he got into extreme metal, how quickly he picked up drums, and how hard it can b...View Details

It's been a long time since we covered a “sure thing” band.  Winds of Plague might just be that.  Winds of Plague was one of the first deathcore bands...View Details

To this day, Emmure remains one of the most popular heavy bands in the industry.  This week on Discography Discussion we try to figure out why.  Get r...View Details

What does it take for a modern metalcore band to stand out from the pack?  Can Wage War bring something new to the table?  Or do they just bring it be...View Details

Jon Beatty of the Brewtally Speaking Podcast joins us this week to talk about one of his favorite bands The Acacia Strain.  Is there a darker themed b...View Details

This week Nathan Beaty of Circle Back sits down with Dan to talk about emulating guitar shredders, the metal edge he bring to hardcore, video games, a...View Details

Party on Forever!!! That's the theme of this fantastic episode of Discuss Metal where Andy Atkins of A Plea For Purging sits down with Dan and Joe to ...View Details

Are chaotic metal bands compatible with progressive metal? That is the main question going into a discussion about Car Bomb. They do everything they c...View Details

Sometimes a band reaches a fever pitch in popularity to where they become a meme. The sad part is that no matter how good that band is they can someti...View Details

The concept of a “hidden gem” is so overplayed nowadays that its original meaning is starting to become lost. This week, we kick off Industrial Decemb...View Details

It’s really hard for a band to do anything original or fun when the genre they play in is very oversaturated. After the Burial does their best to sepa...View Details

What happens when a famed record producer decides to bring his own band to the masses? Will Putney’s Fit For An Autopsy is a blueprint that all deathc...View Details

Welcome to Thrift Blast. A seven part series where Dan gives you his thoughts on twenty-one albums he found while searching for big box PC games at a ...View Details

It’s strange to hear people say things like “there just aren’t any decent bands anymore.” Yet, on Discography Discussion, we have a growing collection...View Details

Dan and Joe add another sure thing to the list on this episode of Discography Discussion. Onward To Olympas may be the definition of a hype band, but ...View Details

All Hail the Lord of Worms! Cryptopsy is a beloved band for fans of technical death metal. What is it about Cryptopsy that makes them unique amongst t...View Details

On this episode of Discography Discussion, we dive into Impending Doom, a band that will definitely scare the “hell” out of you. Does every album “rep...View Details

This week on Discography Discussion we bring you a full breakdown of Between The Buried And Me. Are they the most innovative band ever? Or are they ju...View Details

Some bands spend most of their career trying to carve out their fanbase by steadily building upon what made them a big hit in the first place. What do...View Details

This week, we go down to Brazil to talk about “Krig,” one of Dan’s favorite death metal bands. Expect lots of blast beats, technical wankery, and impo...View Details

Since Dan mentioned he wanted to talk about “dank” death metal bands, we decided to go with Aborted this week. We were surprised by what we found. If ...View Details

Can noise eventually become art? Converge has been popular for decades for their brand of noise art. People like Dan will just call it Metallic Hardco...View Details

It seems like we’ve been discussing a lot of bands lately who are a “sure thing”. Gideon is no exception. Dan and Joe dive into the relatively short d...View Details

If you haven’t listened to Spitfire, you are missing out, and on this episode of Discography Discussion, Dan and Joe are going to tell you why. Did yo...View Details

Not all bands can be genre defining innovators. Sometimes that’s not what people even want. Is it okay that Fit For A King are one of those bands that...View Details

What can you do with a band who desperately wants to be another band? Do you copy their whole sound? Do you get that band's vocalist to sing on your a...View Details

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