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Society’s Finest sounds really good on paper. Do they have spastic unpredictable song structures? Yes. Do they have a great vocalist that commands the...View Details

Discography Discussion takes a walk off the beaten path this week when Bryan Patton of As The Story Grows joins us to discuss one of his favorite band...View Details

After 100 episodes, Discography Discussion answers the most common questions we have received.  Enjoy!  #discussmetal Join our Patreon: Discography Di...View Details

It’s not too often that a band catches us completely by surprise. This was very much the case with My Ticket Home. Although short, their discography t...View Details

Anytime a band loses their singer, it can be a jarring transition for the fan base. However, Killswitch Engage had maybe the smoothest transition of a...View Details

After one hundred episodes, it’s time for Norma Jean. The band who has been mentioned more times in the history of the podcast than any other band is ...View Details

Not all bands can be genre defining innovators. Sometimes that’s not what people even want. Is it okay that Fit For A King are one of those bands that...View Details

Erik Hall from Ane Croft joins us to analyze the legacy of the monumental band Nine Inch Nails. Promises were made that we were going to cover Nine In...View Details

There is a war between man and machine, at least there will be one in the future. Burton C. Bell, and his various Fear Factory bandmates, have dedicat...View Details

Mindless Self Indulgence left Dan in a state of horror and confusion. Luckily for everyone else, Matt Naas of the Roach Koach podcast stepped in to gu...View Details

It seemed like industrial was everywhere in the 90s and early 2000s. Hundreds of bands were flooding the market, and trying to put their own stamp on ...View Details

Shadows Fall may be one of the best American heavy metal bands to do their own thing during the metalcore phenomenon of the early 2000s. Joe and Geoff...View Details

Every musical genre has it’s idols. Discography Discussion talks about Samhain, and decides if “Glenn Danzig the vocalist” deserves the same credit as...View Details

Could Soilwork be the most consistent band that has ever been covered on the show? Listen and find out on this episode of Discography Discussion! #dis...View Details

Some bands waddle in a sea of mediocrity throughout their careers. In contrast, there are artists who spend most of their waking hours trying to maste...View Details

Your journey into gory death metal begins with “Cannibal Corpse.” These metal veterans have been talking about unspeakable horrors for 30 years now an...View Details

What can you do with a band who desperately wants to be another band? Do you copy their whole sound? Do you get that band's vocalist to sing on your a...View Details

On October 15th, 2018, Discography Discussion placed a call to "The King of Metal," Max Cavalera. Max talks about the new Soulfly album "Ritual," Hel...View Details

Since 1995, Virgin Black has created a sound all their own by combining industrial, gothic rock, and doom metal. While some bands think they create a ...View Details

We follow “Blindside” from their underground punk/hardcore roots all the way through to their mainstream hard rock success, and beyond. We also break ...View Details

Tonight, Dan, Joe, and Geoff go on a power metal adventure and have a talk about Iced Earth. Is this band capable of creating its own sci fi universe?...View Details

We travel to Sweden and discuss supergroup Arch Enemy on this episode of Discography Discussion. Also, Dan and Geoff try to decide if this is Gothenbu...View Details

We dive into the swirling pool of chaos known as The Dillinger Escape Plan, as requested by Mathew and Chelsea. Can a band still deliver “the goods” d...View Details

The wait is finally over. It’s time for Discography Discussion to dive into Demon Hunter! Demon Hunter has been one of the most requested bands for us...View Details

This week we jump into the footsteps of Gojira. Geoff gives his personal thoughts, and personal connections with the band. Was the first album the wor...View Details

It’s another double feature on this episode of Discography Discussion. We close out Nu-Metal May talking about 3rd Strike, and The 5th Element, two of...View Details

Are you ready to get loose? Joshua Toomey from the Talk Toomey Podcast drops in this week to discuss his old band Primer 55. Although there were only ...View Details

With Nu-Metal May in full swing, we sit down to discuss what may be the most listenable heavy band of all time, Ill Niño. We share memories of the ori...View Details

Listen to Dan, Geoff, and Joe rant about what could have been. Did Mudvayne go downhill after The End of All Things to Come? Did they take shortcuts w...View Details

Yes, we talk about it. This week are joined by master interviewer Jon Beatty of Jon’s Untitled Podcast. We talk about the (powerless?) rise and fall o...View Details

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