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On this debut episode of the Discuss Metal podcast we sit down with Novembers Doom frontman Paul Kuhr to discuss the band’s career, as well as hear hi...View Details

We tell a lot of stories on Discography Discussion. For Sevendust, we felt that the story was too important to tell alone, so we called Scott Bowling ...View Details

Shai Hulud is a name that is synonymous with hardcore and metalcore. This makes it very hard to be objective when discussing this all time great and p...View Details

When things take a turn for the weird, Matt Naas of the Roach Koach podcast stepped up to give us the push we needed to discuss the German powerhouse,...View Details

For this special episode all about Alice in Chains, we called in Jason from Metal Jesus Rocks to give us the scoop on what it was like hearing Alice i...View Details

We end this Nu-Metal May with a bang, and give everyone’s definitive nu-metal band, Limp Bizkit, “The Treatment.” Not wanting to take this lightly, we...View Details

Nu-Metal May rolls on with P.O.D. on this episode of Discography Discussion. P.O.D. was the band in the late 90’s that made “Christian rock” acceptabl...View Details

When a band loses their most iconic member it can be devastating. It can be nearly impossible to come back in the eyes of fans. No matter what you do,...View Details

Tonight we are joined by Doug Van Pelt of Lust Control and HM Magazine while we discuss the music and impact of The Crucified. We talk about their ear...View Details

Discography Discussion takes a walk off the beaten path this week when Bryan Patton of As The Story Grows joins us to discuss one of his favorite band...View Details

After one hundred episodes, it’s time for Norma Jean. The band who has been mentioned more times in the history of the podcast than any other band is ...View Details

Erik Hall from Ane Croft joins us to analyze the legacy of the monumental band Nine Inch Nails. Promises were made that we were going to cover Nine In...View Details

Bands are legendary when they are consistently groundbreaking, or they have been around so long to become an institution. Ministry is a unique case in...View Details

Mindless Self Indulgence left Dan in a state of horror and confusion. Luckily for everyone else, Matt Naas of the Roach Koach podcast stepped in to gu...View Details

On October 15th, 2018, Discography Discussion placed a call to "The King of Metal," Max Cavalera. Max talks about the new Soulfly album "Ritual," Hel...View Details

Many bands, especially if they were birthed in the mid 2000s, play metalcore for mainstream success. Misery Signals are a love letter to the metalcore...View Details

Bride is the story of a band trying to stay on the cutting edge of music. Through a long career, the band has gone through a variety of different styl...View Details

Glassjaw is a band that means many things to many people. They introduced a style unfamiliar to a majority of the nu-metal crowd in the early 2000s, a...View Details

Rock N Pod 2018 was a day of conversation, rock n roll, and vinyl shopping. We had the pleasure of speaking to Scott Bowling, (with a drive by of Josh...View Details

Robb Rivera of the band Nonpoint joins up with Dan and Joe to discuss the entire Nonpoint discography! He gives us the story behind each album, and wh...View Details

On this episode, Geoff couldn’t make it, and Joe’s voice had been stolen by extraterrestrial. Dan stood alone to face the Lamb of God discography on h...View Details

Are you ready to get loose? Joshua Toomey from the Talk Toomey Podcast drops in this week to discuss his old band Primer 55. Although there were only ...View Details

Yes, we talk about it. This week are joined by master interviewer Jon Beatty of Jon’s Untitled Podcast. We talk about the (powerless?) rise and fall o...View Details

Lorin Kozlowski of the Roach Koach podcast caught wind that we were taking a second look at Korn and decided to drop in with his thoughts. This time w...View Details

Stephen Sarro of Unteachers joins us once again to dive into the doom metal black hole known as Paramaecium. Like any good doom metal, album this disc...View Details

On Tuesday March 13th, James Rolfe of Cinemassacre attended the first concert of Judas Priest’s Firepower tour. He was kind enough to sit down with us...View Details

We talk about metal, catch up on feedback, and discuss a heavy metal band that was seemingly created for the purpose of existing in a market they were...View Details

Tonight we are joined by Josh and Danny, the twisted masterminds behind the band Not Beneath! We tear into Meshuggah’s full catalog to decide what sho...View Details

Tonight, we burn the midnight oil with Reid and Christian of Tetelestai. We talk about the differences between old metalcore, modern metalcore, and wh...View Details

How do you successfully release a secret third Zao episode of your podcast. Step one, call Scott Mellinger. Step two, talk about Carcass. Step three, ...View Details

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