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Jon Beatty of Brewtally Speaking joins Dan and Joe this week to talk about Still Remains.  Being local to the Michigan scene where the band came up, J...View Details

Josiah Lyle of Rival Choir (previously known as Mouth Of The South) sits down with Dan to talk about the band, growing up, and getting into heavy musi...View Details

We have heard your calls for Mastodon, and the time has finally come. What does this band do that sets them apart from all of their contemporaries? Ho...View Details

Jason Wisdom of Death Therapy joins the podcast to talk about his new instrumental EP, the struggles of releasing music during a pandemic, the importa...View Details

Overcome was one of the most important Christian hardcore scene bands from the mid to late 90s. On this episode, we finally give them their due, and d...View Details

This week Dan and Joe tackle one of the main pillars of the American metalcore scene, Unearth! We discuss their early days of mixing hardcore rhythms ...View Details

Joe Calderon of Lightworker joins the podcast to talk about their new album dropping on June 12th on Solid State Records. We talk about lyrical themes...View Details

Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists joins the podcast this week to talk about the music scene in Alaska in the 90’s, the complete history of 36 Crazyfists, ...View Details

Dan jumps out of his comfort zone on this one and chats with Jesse and Evan from American Arson. They discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bein...View Details

Every now and again a band can really take us by surprise on this show.  Dry Kill Logic is a band that Dan and Joe knew very little about until now. ...View Details

Jeff Gretz from Zao joins the Discuss Metal podcast this week to talk about the status of the newest Zao album, how they have thrived as an independen...View Details

This week Jason Lancaster of Few Left Standing joins the podcast and talks to Dan about the history of the band, their albums, their breakup, and thei...View Details

No matter where you live, War of Ages has played your town. They are one of the hardest working bands in metalcore, and have carved out quite the care...View Details

For this episode of Discography Discussion we decided it would be interesting to compare and contrast two legendary hardcore bands, Strongarm, and Few...View Details

Does melodic hardcore follow a specific formula? Joe thinks it can, but Dan says now, especially when discussing Life In Your Way.. On this episode of...View Details

There are many bands out there who will do their best to push their genre in directions nobody could have imagined. The unfortunate thing is that most...View Details

Before we ever decided to cover them on the show, The Chariot has always been a legendary band. On this episode of Discography Discussion, Dan, Joe, a...View Details

We’ve teased it for long enough and we figured the best way to kick off the year is to talk about the metalcore titans Every Time I Die. Joining us fo...View Details

This week on the Discuss Metal podcast Dan and Joe sit down with Matt Fox of Shai Hulud and Zombie Apocalypse to talk all things Shai Hulud, Jaws in s...View Details

The concept of a “hidden gem” is so overplayed nowadays that its original meaning is starting to become lost. This week, we kick off Industrial Decemb...View Details

It’s strange to hear people say things like “there just aren’t any decent bands anymore.” Yet, on Discography Discussion, we have a growing collection...View Details

Dan and Joe add another sure thing to the list on this episode of Discography Discussion. Onward To Olympas may be the definition of a hype band, but ...View Details

What starts as a sure thing can quickly turn into exactly what you’re expecting. Dan and Joe take a look at It Prevails for the first time to decide i...View Details

Shai Hulud is a name that is synonymous with hardcore and metalcore. This makes it very hard to be objective when discussing this all time great and p...View Details

Facedown records is a label most would associate with hardcore. That is what makes “Hope for the Dying” such an anomaly. They are a band that plays wi...View Details

OMG its Oh, Sleeper! On this episode of Discography Discussion, Dan and Joe dive into one of Dan’s favorite Solid State bands. Dan claims everything t...View Details

It’s hard work being an unpleasable metal fan. On one hand, we love it when a band sticks to their guns and has a consistent sound. But, it’s easy to ...View Details

Some musicians never reach the level of success that their first big band achieved. When a musician attempts to start over fresh they can sometimes be...View Details

Did you know that makeup and carnivals are actually really scary? We are dreadfully aware of this fact, and in order to make sense of the Swedish meta...View Details

In the early 2000s, and in the wake of Living Sacrifice breaking up, a number of emerging Christian metal bands competed to take the same mantle. The ...View Details

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