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Do you people like ice and winter? No? Well you might change your mind after hearing Immortal Souls. David Van Zandt joins us on this episode of Disco...View Details

This week on the Discuss Metal Podcast we welcome Luke Easter, formally of Tourniquet, to talk about his time in the band as well as his solo album Th...View Details

Have you been pressured into believing a band’s catalog is “classic?” That is the question that presents itself on this episode talking about death me...View Details

David Bunton of The Showdown sat down with us tonight to talk about some high voltage, riff tastic heavy metal. We discussed the beginning, ending, an...View Details

Are chaotic metal bands compatible with progressive metal? That is the main question going into a discussion about Car Bomb. They do everything they c...View Details

Sometimes a band reaches a fever pitch in popularity to where they become a meme. The sad part is that no matter how good that band is they can someti...View Details

We decided that it was time to give Pantera the episode they deserve. What better way to do that than with the “Pantera historian” himself Joshua Toom...View Details

For this episode of Discography Discussion we decided it would be interesting to compare and contrast two legendary hardcore bands, Strongarm, and Few...View Details

Can too much of a good thing end up being a bad thing? For decades, Children of Bodom has been continuously honing their craft and putting out albums ...View Details

Bile is a band who has had many members and incarnations over the years, and yet they have been able to maintain a consistent sound. It’s a sound that...View Details

A local record store is the foundation for a lot of people to expand their musical pallet. In this day and age when we have all of our favorite music ...View Details

This week on the Discuss Metal podcast Dan and Joe sit down with Matt Fox of Shai Hulud and Zombie Apocalypse to talk all things Shai Hulud, Jaws in s...View Details

The concept of a “hidden gem” is so overplayed nowadays that its original meaning is starting to become lost. This week, we kick off Industrial Decemb...View Details

Welcome to Thrift Blast. A seven part series where Dan gives you his thoughts on twenty-one albums he found while searching for big box PC games at a ...View Details

Not Beneath invades this episode of Discography Discussion to discuss Norwegian death metal power-house Extol! We discuss the band’s beginnings as a p...View Details

On this debut episode of the Discuss Metal podcast we sit down with Novembers Doom frontman Paul Kuhr to discuss the band’s career, as well as hear hi...View Details

When things take a turn for the weird, Matt Naas of the Roach Koach podcast stepped up to give us the push we needed to discuss the German powerhouse,...View Details

When you ask somebody about Diamond Head the first response is usually “isn’t that the band that influenced Metallica?” The short answer is yes. Howev...View Details

It’s hard work being an unpleasable metal fan. On one hand, we love it when a band sticks to their guns and has a consistent sound. But, it’s easy to ...View Details

Some musicians never reach the level of success that their first big band achieved. When a musician attempts to start over fresh they can sometimes be...View Details

Discography Discussion returns to thrash on this episode about Death Angel. We discuss the decline of thrash metal in the early 90s, and its resurgenc...View Details

In the early 2000s, and in the wake of Living Sacrifice breaking up, a number of emerging Christian metal bands competed to take the same mantle. The ...View Details

This week on Discography Discussion we bring you a full breakdown of Between The Buried And Me. Are they the most innovative band ever? Or are they ju...View Details

Some bands spend most of their career trying to carve out their fanbase by steadily building upon what made them a big hit in the first place. What do...View Details

This week, we go down to Brazil to talk about “Krig,” one of Dan’s favorite death metal bands. Expect lots of blast beats, technical wankery, and impo...View Details

As we analyze “At The Gates” from their inception we find a totally different band in the beginning, and try to decide if they are in fact Kings of Go...View Details

Since Dan mentioned he wanted to talk about “dank” death metal bands, we decided to go with Aborted this week. We were surprised by what we found. If ...View Details

Can noise eventually become art? Converge has been popular for decades for their brand of noise art. People like Dan will just call it Metallic Hardco...View Details

Tonight we are joined by Doug Van Pelt of Lust Control and HM Magazine while we discuss the music and impact of The Crucified. We talk about their ear...View Details

Anytime a band loses their singer, it can be a jarring transition for the fan base. However, Killswitch Engage had maybe the smoothest transition of a...View Details

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