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Discuss Metal Episode 003: Matt Fox of Shai Hulud

December 11th, 2019

This week on the Discuss Metal podcast Dan and Joe sit down with Matt Fox of Shai Hulud and Zombie Apocalypse to talk all things Shai Hulud, Jaws in space, hardcore, genre debates, and our favorite Muppet movies. Yes, you read that right. Not an episode to miss! #discussmetal #MattFox #ShaiHulud

Matt Fox, Shai Hulud, and Zombie Apocalypse can be found online at https://twitter.com/shaihulud && https://www.instagram.com/zonbiapocalypse && https://www.facebook.com/ShaiHuludUninc

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Media Mentioned In This Episode:
Episode 135: Shai Hulud with Bryan Patton of As The Story Grows - http://bit.ly/DDShaiHulud

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