A local record store is the foundation for a lot of people to expand their musical pallet. In this day and age when we have all of our favorite music at our fingertips, it’s nice to have a safe haven to talk to real life people, and explore new music. On this episode of Discuss Metal we sit down with Don Bastard, owner of The Record Space, and lead vocalist of Bastard Squad. We discuss punk rock, metal, horror films, music scenes, and how to build bridges in a world full of division. Don has more than one exclusive announcement for fans of punk rock, and the new Bastard Squad single “They Own Us” will close out the show. This talk cannot be missed. Check it out! #discussmetal #BastardSquad

The Record Label Presents: BASTARD SQUAD, BASSAMP AND DANO, Kristeen Young, Redbait, Brute Force - SAT, DECEMBER 28, 2019 - Doors: 7 PM / Show: 8 PM
Get your tickets here: https://www.thereadyroom.com/e/bastard-squad-bastard-luck-record-release-82550234975/

The Record Space can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheRecordSpace
Check out Bastard Squad on Bandcamp at https://bastardsquadstl.bandcamp.com && http://bastardsquadstl.com

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