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Episode 033: Tourniquet with Vaughan Gregory of Grave Forsaken - Discography Discussion


Dan and Joe call out to Perth, Australia to chat with "The original podcast guest host" Vaughan Gregory of Grave Forsaken! This week's discussion, the seminal Christian thrash metal band 'Tourniquet!' Who is the better vocalist Guy Ritter? Or Luke Easter? Did the band change after Gary Lenaire left? Is 'Crawl to China' too alt rock? Did the band successfully return to their thrash metal roots? Are animal rights songs too preachy, and is Ted Kirkpatrick absolutely amazing? To find out eat your Dog’s Breakfast, wake up that Phantom Limb, Besprinkle Yourself in Scarlet Horror and get ready to Stop the Bleeding!! #discussmetal #Tourniquet #Grave Forsaken #ThrashMetal

Vaughan Gregory and Grave Forsaken can be found online at - https://facebook.com/graveforsaken and https://www.graveforsaken.com

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