Good evening, kiddies.... podcast host Melissa joins us for our discussion on Poison The Well.  There is a definite 'Loss of Silence' when you decide to 'Exist Underground."  After a thirty-six hour day, Dan takes the lead demonstrating his lyrical-memorization-prowess and analysis of strong metal, and hardcore.  Keep your eyes on the stream, grab your double-hopped IPA, and listen to this episode of Discography Discussion.  #discussmetal #GoodEveningKiddies #PoisonTheWell

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“PLAYLIST - Poison The Well”

    • Grain of Salt
    • Lost in Silence
    • Slice Paper Wrists
    • My Mirror No Longer Reflects
    • Botchla
    • Rings from Corona
    • Parks and What You Meant to Me
    • For a Bandaged Iris
    • Crystal Lake
    • Letter Thing
    • Nagaina
    • Exist Underground
    • Antarctica Inside Me
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