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Episode 038: Discussmetal vs. Roach Koach - Discography Discussion


Are you ready for the battle of opinions? Discussmetal, or Roach Koach... Who is doing music criticism proper? Well, I guess it’s just a matter of opinion, man. Listen to the hosts of both podcasts lay out how they developed their personal approaches to music criticism, and try to nail down if music criticism is even relevant in the age of music on demand. You might not be rushing to the record store, but you are listening to Discography Discussion.
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The Roach Koach Podcast
Hosted by Lorin Kozlowski, Jennifer Bloomer, and Matt Naas.
https://www.gabbermedia.com/roachkoach && https://twitter.com/roachkoach

This episode of Discography Discussion is hosted by Dan, and Joe.

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