It’s Christmas time, and we’re drunk at the Discography Discussion Christmas Special for 2017 as Dan, Joe, Geoff, and Dustin from the Drunken Lullabies Podcast sit down over an open fire to discuss Project 86 from beginning to end as well as discuss their twisted interpretation of what Christmas songs should sound like! Discographies are staged for reruns, for three AM insomniacs who quote the album notes! Enjoy! #discussmetal #project86 #DrunkenLullabies

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If you’d like to purchase albums by Project 86, please use our affiliate links below
A Very Project 86 Christmas -
Project 86 -
Drawing Black Lines -
Truthless Heroes -
Songs to Burn Your Bridges By -
And The Rest Will Follow -
Rival Factions -
Picket Fence Cartel -
Wait For the Siren -
Knives to the Future -
Sheep Among Wolves -
-Project 86 Episode Playlist-
Christmas Time Is Here
Pipe Dream
Stein’s Theme
One-Armed Man (Play On)
Hollow Again
The Spy Hunter
Sincerely, Ichabod
Necktie Remedy
Evil (A Chorus of Resistance)
The Butcher
Fall Goliath Fall
Knives to the Future

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