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Episode 047: Underoath with Brandon Kellum of American Standards - Discography Discussion


Brandon Kellum returns to celebrate Dan’s birthday, and to talk about Underoath with three drunk dudes, and a room full of onlookers. It’s time to define the great line as Discography Discussion dissects Underoath from beginning to end. You can feel your heartbeat racing as the cries from the past are only changing safety. #DancingAround #discussmetal #Underoath

Brandon Kellum and American Standards can be found online at https://americanstndrds.bandcamp.com && https://twitter.com/americanstndrds

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Our Albums of the week
Dan - Dying Fetus “Wrong One To Fuck With”
Joe - Travil “Beautiful Loneliness”
Geoff - Tesseract “Altered State”
Brandon - Converge “The Dusk In Us”

To purchase any of the albums we talked about in this episode, please use our Amazon affliliate links below.
Act of Depression - https://goo.gl/89cGTs
Cries of the Past - https://goo.gl/JQDpzN
The Changing of Times - https://goo.gl/C8ua7d
They’re Only Chasing Safety - https://goo.gl/biXC4n
Define the Great Line - https://goo.gl/rvcqcd
Lost In the Sound of Separation - https://goo.gl/fZFHMZ
Ø (Disambiguation) - https://goo.gl/6pD6xj

Underoath Episode Playlist:
Watch Me Die
The Last
Cries of the Past
When the Sun Sleeps
Angel Below
It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
In Regards to Myself
Everyone Looks So Good From Here
A Fault Line, A Fault of Mine
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Catch Myself Catching Myself

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