Tonight, we burn the midnight oil with Reid and Christian of Tetelestai. We talk about the differences between old metalcore, modern metalcore, and where the disconnect is. The band talks about their debut release ‘CRVSH SVTVN’ What is new about it? And what hearkens back to the primordial days of metalcore. Plus a variety of other topics. So grab something with caffeine in it and settle in for this marathon of an episode. #discussmetal #Tetelestai #ANewHeavy
“What did he say about Living Sacrifice?!!”
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Media mentioned in this episode:
“It appears as though there are no survivors”
Reid Otto and Christian Johnson of Tetelestai on “As The Story Grows”

If you’d like to purchase any of our picks for Album of the Week, please use our Amazon Affiliate Links below. Thank you
Dan - Coalesce “Ox”
Joe - Between The Buried and Me “Colors”
Geoff - Soilwork “Sworn To A Great Divide”
Reid/Christian - Jonny Lang “Lie To Me”
Ayreon - “Day One: Vigil (The Human Equation)”

Episode Playlist:
Deadguy-Doom Patrol
Botch-Frequency Ass Bandit
Converge-Distance and Meaning
Coalesce-Have Patience
Spitfire-Render Quench Create
Living Sacrifice-Not Beneath
Symphony In Peril-Portrait
Scarlet-Get Your Gun

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