Stephen Sarro of Unteachers joins us once again to dive into the doom metal black hole known as Paramaecium. Like any good doom metal, album this discussion takes a little while to get started. We examine the highs and the lows of this Australian doom metal ensamble and try to really get to the bottom of whether this is gothic doom metal, or if it’s positively medieval! #discussmetal #Paramaecium #medieval

Stephen Sarro and UnTeachers can be found online at &&

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Media mentioned in this episode:
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Albums of the week
Dan - Opeth “Still Life”
Joe - Genghis Tron “Board Up The House”
Stephen - Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus “Beauty Will Save The World”

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Repentance -
Exhumed of the Earth -
Within the Ancient Forest -
A Time to Mourn -

Paramaecium Episode Playlist:
Silent Carnage
Song of the Ancient
Of My Darkest Hour
Im Not the Blame
Live for the Day
In Exordium
Removed of the Grave

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