This week Slipknot is on the table for dissection. Melissa from the Good Evening Kiddies Podcast joins up for this discussion on every Slipknot album. Did it ever get better after Iowa? If you’re Dan the answer won’t surprise you. We talk about how much production quality can affect one’s enjoyment of a record and whether or not Rick Rubin was actually necessary for a band like Slipknot. #discussmetal #PulseOfTheMaggots

Melissa, and The Good Evening, Kiddies! Podcast can be found on Podbean, and other major podcast platforms.

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Slipknot -
Iowa -
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All Hope is Gone -
.5 The Gray Chapter-

Albums of the week
Dan - Project 86 “Sheep Among Wolves”
Joe - Mushroomhead “XX”
Geoff - Refused “The Shape Of Punk To Come”
Melissa - St. Vincent “St. Vincent”

Slipknot Episode Playlist:
Wait and Bleed
Spit It Out
My Plague
Left Behind
Vermillion Part 2

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