Bride is the story of a band trying to stay on the cutting edge of music. Through a long career, the band has gone through a variety of different styles never seeming to settle on their own unique voice. Along with special guest Scott Bowling of Good Company fame, we discuss what we loved and didn’t love about the diversity of Bride’s career. Enjoy! #discussmetal #Bride #GoodCompany #ScottBowling

Good Company with Scott Bowling can be found at

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Albums of the week
Dan - Pig Destroyer “Headcage”
Joe - Queen “Flash Gordon”
Scott - Beastie Boys “Paul's Boutique”

Bride Episode Playlist:

  1. Thunder in the City
  2. Hell No
  3. Evil Dreams
  4. Rattlesnake
  5. Psychedelic Super Jesus
  6. The Worm
  7. More Than Human
  8. Head Lookin For a Bullet
  9. Darker Days
  10. We Lie
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