Since 1995, Virgin Black has created a sound all their own by combining industrial, gothic rock, and doom metal. While some bands think they create a gothic atmosphere in their music, Virgin Black actually does create a gothic atmosphere. On this episode Dan, Joe, and a returning Geoff do a deep dive into this band to find out what makes them special and why. #discussmetal #VirginBlack

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Album of the week
Dan - Point of Recognition “The Admiration of a Son”
Joe - Mick Gordon “Doom (Original Game Soundtrack)”
Geoff - Alcest “Kodama”

Media mentioned in this episode:
The 11 most miserable songs according to My Dying Bride's Lena Abé -

Virgin Black Episode Playlist:

  1. Walk Without Limbs
  2. Drink the Midnight Hymn
  3. Velvet Tongue
  4. The Everlasting
  5. Beloved
  6. Our Wings Are Burning
  7. …...And I Am Suffering
  8. In Death
  9. The Fragile Breath
  10. Darkness
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