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Episode 089: Saviour Machine - Discography Discussion

November 4th, 2018

Some bands waddle in a sea of mediocrity throughout their careers. In contrast, there are artists who spend most of their waking hours trying to master their craft. What happens when one pursuit of perfection becomes bigger than the individual, and the sheer complexity of what they created starts spiraling out of control? Saviour Machine is very much one of those bands. On this episode of Discography Discussion we discuss all of their releases and try to understand what went wrong with the band’s “Legend” trilogy; a concept that spanned well over a decade in production. Also, Dan reads a statement by George Rivera (one of Saviour Machine’s biggest supporters) concerning his exposure to the band. #discussmetal #SaviourMachine

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Media mentioned in the episode:
George has his own group on Facebook called Christian Rock and Metal Fellowship - http://bit.ly/2SLkg9g
Eric Clayton’s statement about Legend III:II - http://bit.ly/discussmetalFalseLegend

Album of the week
Dan - mewithoutYou “[Untitled]”
Joe - David Bowie “The Man Who Sold the World”
Geoff - Novembers Doom “Aphotic”

Saviour Machine Episode Playlist:

  1. Carnival of Souls
  2. Killer
  3. Enter the Idol
  4. The Hunger Circle
  5. The Stand
  6. The Lamb
  7. The Eyes of the Storm
  8. The Sword of Islam
  9. The Whore of Babylon
  10. Behold a Pale Horse

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