Shadows Fall may be one of the best American heavy metal bands to do their own thing during the metalcore phenomenon of the early 2000s. Joe and Geoff love em…..but do they please our local “Unpleasable Metal Fan” Dan? Listen to the episode to find out! #discussmetal #ShadowsFall

Media mentioned in this episode:

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Album of the week
Dan - All That Remains “Victim Of The New Disease”
Joe - Trivium “Vengeance Falls”
Geoff - Hallow Point “Beyond Our Name”

Shadows Fall Episode Playlist:

  1. Eternal
  2. Crushing Belial
  3. To Ashes
  4. Destroyer of Senses
  5. A Fire in Babylon
  6. Welcome to the Machine
  7. Inspiration on Demand
  8. The Light that Blinds
  9. Failure of the Devout
  10. King of Nothing
  11. Fire From the Sky
  12. Blind Faith
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