Erik Hall from Ane Croft joins us to analyze the legacy of the monumental band Nine Inch Nails. Promises were made that we were going to cover Nine Inch Nails before the end of 2018, and we could not think of a better way to close out Industrial December than by talking about THE band that represents industrial music more than any other. We must take our Blinders Off for this one. Enjoy. #discussmetal #NIN

Erik Hall can be found online at

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Album of the week
Dan - Fit For A King “Slave To Nothing”
Joe - AFI “Decemberunderground”
Geoff - God Lives Underwater “God Lives Underwater”
Erik - Blindside “With Shivering Hearts We Wait”

Media mentioned in this episode:
Slam Bamboo “House on Fire” -
Slam Bamboo “White Lies” -
Blinders Off: A Podcast About St. Louis -
Last Podcast on the Left -

Trent Reznor Drinking Game:
Poor a shot every time someone says “Trent.”
Drink all poured shots every time someone says “Reznor.”

Nine Inch Nails Episode Playlist:

  1. Head Like a Hole
  2. Terrible Lie
  3. Closer
  4. March of the Pigs
  5. The Day the Wold Went Away
  6. Even Deeper
  7. Survivalism
  8. The Hand That Feeds
  9. Copy of A
  10. All Time Low
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