Society’s Finest sounds really good on paper. Do they have spastic unpredictable song structures? Yes. Do they have a great vocalist that commands the songs? Yes. So what is the problem? Find out what we think the issue is on this episode of Discography Discussion. #discussmetal #SocietysFinest

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Album of the week
Dan - Tomb Mold “The Manor of Infinite Forms”
Joe - Five Iron Frenzy “Engine of a MIllion Plots”
Geoff - My Ticket Home “unReal”

Society’s Finest Episode Playlist:

  1. Knife Fight
  2. 1955
  3. Kiss the Girl
  4. Vanity and the Gun
  5. Pop Culture in Houston
  6. Journeyman
  7. Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride
  8. Cutters Oh Cutters
  9. Goddess
  10. Deadlight Strangers
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