Tonight we are joined by Doug Van Pelt of Lust Control and HM Magazine while we discuss the music and impact of The Crucified. We talk about their early punk rock material and their transition into a respected Thrash Metal band. Joe asks Doug about HM Magazine, and he answers… all of it! This is a must listen if you are into impactful 80s and early 90’s Christian thrash and punk music. Enjoy! Also, Joe apologizes for the bad sound in the first five minutes. It was a bad cable, and quick fix. #discussmetal #HeavensMetal #DougVanPelt #TheCrucified

Doug Van Pelt can be found online at &&
You can purchase “Rockstars on God Volume 2” at and use the promo code “PLAYOFFS” to get a discount.

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Album of the week
Dan - Zao “Decoding Transmissions from the Mobius Strip”
Joe - The Clash “London Calling”
Geoff - Death Therapy “The Storm Before The Calm”
Doug - The Neal Morse Band "The Great Adventure"

The Crucified Episode Playlist:

  1. Apathy
  2. I'm Not Afraid(of Nuclear War)
  3. Silent Scream
  4. Seal Number 4
  5. Conviction
  6. I'm Not a Christian Punk
  7. You Image
  8. The Pit
  9. Hellcorn
  10. Crucial Moment
  11. Path to Sorrow
  12. The Strength
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