Can noise eventually become art? Converge has been popular for decades for their brand of noise art. People like Dan will just call it Metallic Hardcore, but is there more to it than that? Join us as we go through the Converge Discography and try and figure out when the feedback became ethereal. #discussmetal #Converge

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Episode 051: Metalcore or Metallic Hardcore? with Reid and Christian of Tetelestai -
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Album of the week
Dan - Thursday “Full Collapse”
Joe - Converge “Axe to Fall”
Geoff - Voices From The Fuselage “Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams”

Converge Episode Playlist:

  1. Fact Leaves its Ghost
  2. Dead
  3. The Saddest Day
  4. Farewell Note to this City
  5. Conduit
  6. Towing Jehova
  7. Concubine
  8. Distance and Meaning
  9. Jane Doe
  10. Last Light
  11. You Fail Me
  12. Hellbound
  13. Grim Heart/ Black Rose
  14. Dark Horse
  15. Axe to Fall
  16. Trespasses
  17. Glacial Pace
  18. Under Duress
  19. The Dusk in Us
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