This week, we go down to Brazil to talk about “Krig,” one of Dan’s favorite death metal bands. Expect lots of blast beats, technical wankery, and impossibly deep vocals as we try to figure out if death metal can be progressive. Special thanks to Krig for allowing us to use one of their songs as our theme music! Check it out! #discussmetal #Krig

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Album of the week
Dan - Mick Gordon “Doom 2016 Game Soundtrack”
Joe - Devo “Freedom Of Choice”
Geoff - Genesis “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”

Media Mentioned in this Episode:
“Most Brutal Breakdown Ever” -
Episode 062: As I Lay Dying with Jon Beatty of Jons Untitled Podcast -

Krig Episode Playlist:

  1. Bastard Boss
  2. Rotten MTV
  3. Fatality Brutality
  4. My Intestine is Displayed
  5. Foolish Evildoers Part 2
  6. End of Time
  7. Hideout of Demons
  8. Killer Tendency
  9. Lies of Santa Clause
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