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Episode 117: P.O.D. with Bryan Patton of As The Story Grows - Discography Discussion

May 19th, 2019

Nu-Metal May rolls on with P.O.D. on this episode of Discography Discussion. P.O.D. was the band in the late 90’s that made “Christian rock” acceptable for the masses. It’s hard to talk about a band that objectively had a major influence in the post 9/11 music scene. We decided to call in Bryan Patton of the “As the Story Grows” podcast to help us shine some light on these innovators. Also, Bryan gives his thoughts on Norma Jean, as well as some Hopesfall insight that Dan is especially interested in. #discussmetal #PayableOnDeath #POD #AsTheStoryGrows #BryanPatton

Bryan Patton and As The Story Grows can be found at http://www.asthestorygrows.com && http://bit.ly/AsTheStoryGrows

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Media Mentioned in this Episode:
Episode 100: Norma Jean with Brandon Kellum of American Standards - http://bit.ly/DDNormaJean
Episode 029: The Chad Kent Interview with Chad Kent of Atomship - http://bit.ly/DDChadKent
Episode 047: Underoath with Brandon Kellum of American Standards - http://bit.ly/DDUnderoath

Album of the week
Dan - Pulse Ultra “Headspace”
Joe - Atomship “The Crash of 47”
Bryan - Get Up Kids “Problems”

P.O.D. Episode Playlist:

  1. Draw the Line
  2. Run
  3. Selah
  4. Full Color
  5. Breathe Babylon
  6. Southtown
  7. Lie Down
  8. Hollywood
  9. Set it Off
  10. The Messenjah
  11. Portrait
  12. Sleeping Awake
  13. Roots in Stereo
  14. Murdered Love
  15. I Am

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