This week on Discography Discussion we bring you a full breakdown of Between The Buried And Me. Are they the most innovative band ever? Or are they just a bag of tricks? Adult contemporary death metal never sounded so good. Enjoy! #discussmetal #BetweenTheBuriedAndMe #BTBAM

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Album of the week
Dan - The Contortionist “Exoplanet”
Joe - Rammstein “Rammstein”

Between The Buried And Me Episode Playlist:

  1. More of Myself To Kill
  2. Aspirations
  3. Mordecai
  4. The Need for Repetition
  5. Alaska
  6. All Bodies
  7. Backwards Marathon
  8. Bicycle Race
  9. Son of Nothing
  10. Fossil Genera
  11. Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
  12. Famine Wolf
  13. Condemned to the Gallows
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