Some musicians never reach the level of success that their first big band achieved. When a musician attempts to start over fresh they can sometimes be bogged down by their previous reputation. On this episode of Discography Discussion, we ask is DevilDriver another one of those bands? Dan, Joe, and Josh don’t think so, and may even prefer DevilDriver over Coal Chamber. #discussmetal #DevilDriver

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Album of the week
Dan - Horse The Band “The Mechanical Hand”
Joe - Freddy Vs. Jason Soundtrack
Josh - "Weird Al" Yankovic “Off the Deep End”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
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Episode 002: Mortification -
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DevilDriver Episode Playlist:

  1. I Could Care Less
  2. I Dreamed I Died
  3. Swinging the Dead
  4. Ripped Apart
  5. Pale Horse Apocalypse
  6. Bound By the Moon
  7. Burning Sermon
  8. Pray For the Villains
  9. Forgiveness is a Six Gun
  10. Hardened
  11. You Make Me Sick
  12. Ruthless
  13. Winter Kills
  14. Bad Deeds
  15. Retribution
  16. Ghost Riders In the Sky
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