When things take a turn for the weird, Matt Naas of the Roach Koach podcast stepped up to give us the push we needed to discuss the German powerhouse, Rammstein. Is Rammstein industrial? Are they metal? Are the scary? Are the offensive? We dive into all of that and more. Also the answer to all of the questions is yes. #discussmetal #Rammstein

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Album of the week
Dan - Circle Back “Terminus”
Joe - Lost Highway Film Soundtrack
Josh - Mastadon “Stairway To Heaven”
Matt - Idles “Joy as an Act of Resistance”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
Episode 121: Deftones - http://bit.ly/DDDeftones
Episode 006: Korn - http://bit.ly/DDKorn

Rammstein Episode Playlist:

  1. "Der Meister" ("The Master")
  2. "Herzeleid" ("Heartache")
  3. "Du hast" ("You Have")
  4. "Küss mich (Fellfrosch)" ("Kiss Me (Fur Frog)")
  5. "Ich will" ("I Want")
  6. "Mutter" ("Mother")
  7. "Amerika" ("America")
  8. "Moskau" ("Moscow", feat. Viktoria Fersh)
  9. "Benzin" ("Fuel")
  10. "Zerstören" ("Destroy")
  11. "Pussy"
  12. "Ich tu dir weh" ("I Hurt You")
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