Shai Hulud is a name that is synonymous with hardcore and metalcore. This makes it very hard to be objective when discussing this all time great and pioneering band. Bryan Patton of As The Story Grows was kind enough to step in and help us stay objective. #discussmetal #ShaiHulud #AsTheStoryGrows

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Album of the week
Dan - Circle Back “Terminus”
Joe - Alice Cooper “Trash”
Bryan - Brutus “Next”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
Episode 133: Hope For The Dying -

Shai Hulud Episode Playlist:

  1. Beliefs and Obsessions
  2. A Profound Hatred of Man
  3. Eating Bullets of Acceptance
  4. The Consummate Dragon
  5. Given Flight by Demons Wings
  6. Ending the Perpetual Tragedy
  7. Venomspreader
  8. Misanthropy Pure
  9. In the Mind and Marrow
  10. Reach Behind the Sun
  11. Medicine to the Dead
  12. To Suffer Fools
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