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Episode 140: The Ghost Inside - Discography Discussion


It’s strange to hear people say things like “there just aren’t any decent bands anymore.” Yet, on Discography Discussion, we have a growing collection of bands who are definitely sure things. Chris Mccoy joins the podcast as co-host to discuss every album by The Ghost Inside, a band that just made a lot of great musical decisions, and created a sound that fans of solid hardcore/metalcore can get behind. Enjoy #discussmetal #TheGhostInside

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Album of the week
Dan - Zao “Pyrrhic Victory”
Joe - Storm Seeker “Pirate Scum”
Chris - In Search Of Solace “Enslaved To Tragedy”

The Ghost Inside Episode Playlist:

  1. Destined
  2. Siren Song
  3. Overlooked
  4. Downbeat
  5. Through the Cracks
  6. The Great Unknown
  7. Deceiver
  8. Phoenix Flame
  9. Dear Youth (Day 52)
  10. Blank Pages
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