It’s really hard for a band to do anything original or fun when the genre they play in is very oversaturated. After the Burial does their best to separate themselves from the sea of metalcore clone bands they have existed alongside throughout their career. Are they successful in this? Dan, Joe, and Chris take this episode to try and figure out if this band is unique, or if they fit the mold so many other bands occupy. #discussmetal #AfterTheBurial

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Album of the week
Dan - Strongarm “Advent Of A Miracle”
Joe - Judas Priest “Firepower”
Chris - Alpha Wolf “Fault”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
Episode 141: Extol with Not Beneath -
Episode 097: Nine Inch Nails with Erik Hall -

After the Burial Episode Playlist:

  1. A Steady Decline
  2. Forging a Future Self
  3. Rareform
  4. The Fractal Effect
  5. Bread Crumbs and White Stones
  6. Promises Kept
  7. Neo Soul
  8. Of Fearful Men
  9. Lost in Static
  10. Catacombs
  11. Behold the Crown
  12. The Great Repeat
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