The concept of a “hidden gem” is so overplayed nowadays that its original meaning is starting to become lost. This week, we kick off Industrial December with a hidden gem in the form of Mnemic, a Danish industrial/metal/core/thrash band who brings everything they have to the table. Geoff returns to the show to help us sort through each album, and let you know exactly why you should give Mnemic a chance to impress you. It’s hard to blow past a giant list of established bands in favor of something that may or may not be a sure thing. #discussmetal #industrialDecember #Mnemic

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Album of the week
Dan - Sparta “Wiretap Scars”
Joe - Norma Jean “All Hail”
Geoff - Optimum Wound Profile “Lowest Common Denominator”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
Episode 141: Extol with Not Beneath -

Mnemic Episode Playlist:

  1. Blood Stained
  2. The Naked and the Dead
  3. Dreamstate Emergency
  4. Wild Boys
  5. Psykorgasm
  6. PigFuck
  7. Climbing Towards Stars
  8. March of the Tripods
  9. Junkies on the Storm
  10. Ocean of Void
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