Bile is a band who has had many members and incarnations over the years, and yet they have been able to maintain a consistent sound. It’s a sound that fans love and expect from every release. On this episode of Discography Discussion, Dan and Joe jump into a steaming pool of Bile, and judge the band’s consistency compared to a world of other bands following trends. Dan also gives a heartfelt thank you to all the supporters of the show, and reveals everything he has in the works for 2020! Definitely not an episode to miss as we wrap up this Industrial December. Check it out! #discussmetal #Bile #IndustrialDecember

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Album of the week
Dan - Entombed “Left Hand Path”
Joe - Car Bomb “Meta”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
Episode 146: 16Volt -
Episode 147: Static-X -
Episode 148: Kidneythieves -

Bile Episode Playlist:

  1. Get Out
  2. No One I Call Friend
  3. In League
  4. Legion
  5. I Reject
  6. Weather Control
  7. Sex Reflex
  8. Ura Fucking Loser
  9. Teknowhore
  10. The Devils Bile
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