For this episode of Discography Discussion we decided it would be interesting to compare and contrast two legendary hardcore bands, Strongarm, and Few Left Standing. We discuss the overall impact each band had on the scene as well as which band we felt had the most growth between each album. Joe takes a big swing at Dan’s nostalgic feelings and tries to determine if these bands were special, or if they are just happy memories. Not an episode to miss. Check it out! #discussmetal #Strongarm #FewLeftStanding

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Album of the week
Dan - Strongarm “The Advent of a Miracle”
Joe - Sleeping Giant “Kingdom Days In An Evil Age”
Chris - Sentinels “Unsound Recollections”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
Episode 153: Children Of Bodom -
As The Story Grows: Chris Carbonell of Strongarm -
As The Story Grows: The Advent Of A Miracle Strongarm Special -
As The Story Grows: Chris Stafford of Few Left Standing -

Strongarm/Few Left Standing Episode Playlist:

  1. Strongarm-Trials
  2. Strongarm-Stand Together
  3. Strongarm-Council of Perfection
  4. Strongarm-Sorrow is a Sage
  5. Strongarm-More Bitter Than Death
  6. Fewleftstanding-Scourge
  7. Fewleftstanding-Tears of a Fallen Man
  8. Fewleftstanding-Solomon
  9. Fewleftstanding-The Latest Fad
  10. Fewleftstanding-Wormwood
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