Sometimes a band reaches a fever pitch in popularity to where they become a meme. The sad part is that no matter how good that band is they can sometimes never escape the meme they have been placed in. In the case of Job for a Cowboy, they did everything in their power to escape their past, and put out some records that you probably weren’t expecting. On this episode of Discography Discussion, we try our best to look past the memes to give this band the objective look they deserve. #discussmetal #JobForACowboy

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Album of the week
Dan - Tourniquet “Vanishing Lessons”
Joe - Wage War “Pressure”

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Job For A Cowboy Episode Playlist:

  1. Knee Deep
  2. Reduced to Mere Filth
  3. Blasephemy
  4. Unfurling a Dark Gospel
  5. Butchering the Elightened
  6. Nourishment Through Bloodshed
  7. The Manipulation Stream
  8. Black Discharge
  9. Eating the Visions of God
  10. Worming Nightfall
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