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Episode 161: Car Bomb - Discography Discussion

March 22nd, 2020

Are chaotic metal bands compatible with progressive metal? That is the main question going into a discussion about Car Bomb. They do everything they can do the right way for chaotic and technical music, but can they bridge the gap between noise and beauty? Dan and Joe plan to find out. Enjoy. #discussmetal #CarBomb

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Album of the week
Dan - War Of Ages “Rise And Conquer”
Joe - Car Bomb “Meta”

Car Bomb Episode Playlist:

  1. Gun Under The Table
  2. From the Dust of This Planet
  3. Fade Out
  4. The Sentinel
  5. Hypnotic Worm
  6. Secrets Within
  7. Hela
  8. Black Blood
  9. Start
  10. Finish It
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