No matter where you live, War of Ages has played your town. They are one of the hardest working bands in metalcore, and have carved out quite the career for themselves in only 15 years of existence. On this episode of Discography Discussion, Dan and Joe are joined by David Van Zandt as they try to figure out how a band can keep metalcore relevant all these years later. Enjoy. #discussmetal #WarOfAges

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Album of the week
Dan - Focused “Bow”
Joe - Toe To Toe “The Best Defence Is Attack”
David - Dens “Taming Tongues”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
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Episode 159: Pantera with Joshua Toomey of Talk Toomey Podcast -

War Of Ages Episode Playlist:

  1. Rise From the Ashes
  2. Strength Within
  3. Stand Your Ground
  4. My Solitude
  5. All Consuming Fire
  6. Wages of Sin
  7. Desire
  8. Eternal
  9. Immortal
  10. With Honor
  11. Lost in Apathy
  12. Lionheart
  13. Buried Alive
  14. Warrior
  15. Void
  16. Envy
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