Have you been pressured into believing a band’s catalog is “classic?” That is the question that presents itself on this episode talking about death metal legends Obituary. Innovation is only present in certain bands and the rest seem to get a free pass by devoted fans. Is Obituary a classic and innovative band? Find out the answer (or at least our opinion) on this episode. #discussmetal #Obituary

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Album of the week
Dan - Blindside “A Thought Crushed My Mind”
Joe - Melvins “Houdini”
Geoff - Imonolith “Becoming the Enemy”

Obituary Episode Playlist:

  1. Internal Bleeding
  2. Slowly We Rot
  3. Chopped in Half
  4. Back to One
  5. Burned In
  6. Download
  7. Redneck Stomp
  8. Violence
  9. End it Now
  10. Straight to Hell
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