Do you people like ice and winter? No? Well you might change your mind after hearing Immortal Souls. David Van Zandt joins us on this episode of Discography Discussion to talk about the frosty Immortal Souls and their unique brand of wintermetal. Can a gimmick carry a band? Or do they need to thaw out? You decide on this episode. Enjoy. #discussmetal #ImmortalSouls

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Album of the week
Dan - Ganglia “The Beginnings”
Joe - Immortal Souls “Winterreich”
David - Third Eye Blind “Third Eye Blind”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
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Episode 021: He Is Legend with Erik Hall from Shoot The Shred -
Episode 119: Between The Buried And Me -

Immortal Souls Episode Playlist:

  1. Everwinter
  2. Suicidealive
  3. Man of Sorrow
  4. Feareaper
  5. Heart of Cold
  6. Evil Believer
  7. Last Day on Earth
  8. Calm Before the Snow Storm
  9. Northern Star
  10. Wintermetal
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