Nu-Metal May concludes this year with a discussion on Nothingface. Nothingface is a band you may have heard of but never listened to enough. Joe and Dan dive into their albums going from their hard rock and groove metal roots all the way into a full nu-metal outfit and discuss what kind of impact the band had in such an oversaturated market. Dan is coming in hot on this one. Check it out, and enjoy! #discussmetal #Nothingface

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Album of the week
Dan - Intronaut “Fluid Existential Inversions”
Joe - Sick Puppies “Fury”

Nothingface Episode Playlist:

  1. Hitch
  2. Godkill
  3. One Thing
  4. Lipsdick
  5. Grinning
  6. I, Diablo
  7. Bleeder
  8. Blue Skin
  9. Machination
  10. Ether
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