We have made fun of Cradle of Filth on this show for FAR too long.  It’s time to do the work and get the proper context behind this band.  Are these guys black metal?  Can Dan stop being a metal elitist long enough to just enjoy a band for what they ARE?  Find out how much our eyes have been opened on this heavily requested episode. Enjoy!  #discussmetal #cradleoffilth

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Album of the week
Dan -Venom Prison “Erebos” 
Joe - Author & Punisher “Ursus Americanus”

Media Mentioned In This Episode:
Discuss Metal Live : Defeating Elitism and Gatekeeping in METAL - https://bit.ly/DMPodcast20220515
Check out Krig on Bandcamp: https://krigdeathmetal.bandcamp.com

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