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Many bands, especially if they were birthed in the mid 2000s, play metalcore for mainstream success. Misery Signals are a love letter to the metalcore...View Details

Bride is the story of a band trying to stay on the cutting edge of music. Through a long career, the band has gone through a variety of different styl...View Details

Glassjaw is a band that means many things to many people. They introduced a style unfamiliar to a majority of the nu-metal crowd in the early 2000s, a...View Details

Napalm Death has been grinding out in the extreme metal scene for over 30 years. It isn’t often that a band so old could be putting out the best album...View Details

Rock N Pod 2018 was a day of conversation, rock n roll, and vinyl shopping. We had the pleasure of speaking to Scott Bowling, (with a drive by of Josh...View Details

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