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Your journey into gory death metal begins with “Cannibal Corpse.” These metal veterans have been talking about unspeakable horrors for 30 years now an...View Details

What can you do with a band who desperately wants to be another band? Do you copy their whole sound? Do you get that band's vocalist to sing on your a...View Details

On October 15th, 2018, Discography Discussion placed a call to "The King of Metal," Max Cavalera. Max talks about the new Soulfly album "Ritual," Hel...View Details

Since 1995, Virgin Black has created a sound all their own by combining industrial, gothic rock, and doom metal. While some bands think they create a ...View Details

Have you ever heard a band that just didn’t do it for you, and no matter how many chances you gave it, the band just never got into your regular rotat...View Details

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