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Welcome to Thrift Blast. A seven part series where Dan gives you his thoughts on twenty-one albums he found while searching for big box PC games at a ...View Details

On this debut episode of the Discuss Metal podcast we sit down with Novembers Doom frontman Paul Kuhr to discuss the band’s career, as well as hear hi...View Details

It’s strange to hear people say things like “there just aren’t any decent bands anymore.” Yet, on Discography Discussion, we have a growing collection...View Details

Novembers Doom is a band who has unfairly been compared to Opeth throughout their career. On this episode of Discography Discussion, we sit down with ...View Details

Dan and Joe add another sure thing to the list on this episode of Discography Discussion. Onward To Olympas may be the definition of a hype band, but ...View Details

We tell a lot of stories on Discography Discussion. For Sevendust, we felt that the story was too important to tell alone, so we called Scott Bowling ...View Details

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