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If you had the chance to talk to Jarrod Montague, the former drummer of Taproot, currently of Westfall, and author extraordinaire, what would you say ...View Details

Join us as we discuss a band you’ve likely never heard of. This is what happens when you let Geoff pick the band. Listen as our hosts discuss the shor...View Details

Good evening, kiddies.... podcast host Melissa joins us for our discussion on Poison The Well.  There is a definite 'Loss of Silence' when you decide ...View Details

Dan Drives to Luna Records in Indianapolis to buy some new vinyl and marvel at the wonders of the McDonald’s Moon Man. Join our Patreon: Discography D...View Details

Dan and Joe call out to Perth, Australia to chat with "The original podcast guest host" Vaughan Gregory of Grave Forsaken! This week's discussion, the...View Details

It’s time for the Chaos metal. Did Sepultura die after Max left the band? Did “Roots” influence nu-metal as much as nu-metal influenced Roots? Does De...View Details

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