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When things take a turn for the weird, Matt Naas of the Roach Koach podcast stepped up to give us the push we needed to discuss the German powerhouse,...View Details

All Hail the Lord of Worms! Cryptopsy is a beloved band for fans of technical death metal. What is it about Cryptopsy that makes them unique amongst t...View Details

When you ask somebody about Diamond Head the first response is usually “isn’t that the band that influenced Metallica?” The short answer is yes. Howev...View Details

It’s hard work being an unpleasable metal fan. On one hand, we love it when a band sticks to their guns and has a consistent sound. But, it’s easy to ...View Details

Some musicians never reach the level of success that their first big band achieved. When a musician attempts to start over fresh they can sometimes be...View Details

When was the last time you heard a band that was truly doing something different? In a genre of music where innovation is required, yet actively disco...View Details

Discography Discussion returns to thrash on this episode about Death Angel. We discuss the decline of thrash metal in the early 90s, and its resurgenc...View Details

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally bring Deftones to the chopping block. Josh and Dan square off over which era of Deftones is most enjoyabl...View Details

On this episode of Discography Discussion, we dive into Impending Doom, a band that will definitely scare the “hell” out of you. Does every album “rep...View Details

We end this Nu-Metal May with a bang, and give everyone’s definitive nu-metal band, Limp Bizkit, “The Treatment.” Not wanting to take this lightly, we...View Details

If you had the chance to talk to Jarrod Montague, the former drummer of Taproot, currently of Westfall, and author extraordinaire, what would you say ...View Details

How far can an image carry a band? Find out this week on Discography Discussion. Dan is so out of control, the microphones couldn't handle it. Discuss...View Details

It’s time for Dantera! Dan vs everyone! Pantera on the chopping block. Will Dan’s opinion stand up to the scrutiny of our guests? Find out on this epi...View Details

"There's our way, and then there's their way.  For those of you who think this is their way...." This is Discography Discussion, and we are about to d...View Details

Did Korn invent Nu-metal?  Find out with us, as we tear into Korn for the benefit of all mankind. If you enjoy this podcast, please become a patron. W...View Details

It's time for Slayer!  Are you ready?  Are you sure?  Press play now!   If you enjoy this podcast, please become a patron. We greatly appreciate it.Di...View Details

This week, we dive into Mortification. Will this legendary group survive the serious scrutiny of our hosts? Tune it to find out! Right now! If you enj...View Details

Discography Discussion Episode 01.  Dan, Joe, and Josh tear apart, and rebuild one of our favorite bands of all time; Metallica.  Is the Justice joke ...View Details

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